MOA Version 10.0.x and HR11 Issue

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    A template for HR11 adds/updates that we have been using reliably for many years with Version of MS Office Add--Ins (MOA)

    does not work correctly in Version 10.0.7 or higher when we attempt to add a new HR11 employee.

    The upload runs to completion without issuing any errors, the message "Add Complete - Continue" is listed to the right of the new record,

    but no record is actually added to the Employee table.

    Has anyone else had this experience and found a resolution?

    It has been suggested we switch to the use of HR511 but a working MOA approach is preferable.

    John Henley

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      Has your version of Lawson itself changed as well? Or perhaps you've installed a patch to HR11 that updated the form field (_f***) numbers that map to the underlying HR11 form (that is very likely and common). Make sure you review each field mapping...
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        No change of Lawson apps or environment versions.  No patch to HR11.

        The Infor support team reviewed our .uwf file and reproduced the error on their own systems with Version 10.0.7 and 10.0.9.

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