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    Hi All,

    I am new to Infor - we are now in project start up phase.

    We have purchased the Cerner and Infor. During the current state review, we realized that the Pharmacy Supply Chain will be managed in Cerner. Requisition, PO and Recieving will be done in Cerner. There are 2 outbound interfaces to Infor - The Matched Invoice to AP and a GL interface.
    Our Corporate team is insisting that ALL supply chain functions will need to happen in Infor - do not want staff to log into multiple systems.
    From my research it seems that best practice suggests that Pharmacy Supply Chain must happen in the Pharmacy Module (Formulary etc.).

    What are my options, and how big a deal is this?

    The way I see it:
    1. we can force Infor and Cerner to move the Pharmacy Supply chain to Infor (highly unlikely).
    2. Build Interfaces that Pushes all PO, Recieving and Matching to Infor. This means that the Corporate Staff will only work in a single system.

    This issue is a major hurdle for us right now and was wondering if you cab share your thoughts.

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      It will depend on who cuts the PO and where receipting will happen...Cerner or Infor.

      If Cerner, bring in the PO and receipt information as interfaces into Infor for AP matching. You will likely need a back feed to Cerner for PO payment information.
      If you cut the PO in Infor you may still need to interface receipt information from cerner to match.

      The solution should include getting most information in both systems. Wherever you order from should have enough information backfilled to get Requisition to payment information. Same for wherever you are making payments.

      Recommend mapping the work flow and getting agreement before building.
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        We have the Pharmacy order and receive drugs mainly via external programs. They bring in the invoices with an import job (AP520) with line item detail so that the GL reports at month end have details that can be spoken to.

        For miscellaneous distributors (FFF), the Pharmacy Buyer creates a PO number, calls in the order and settles on which generic, dose, count etc they are going to get and then creates the PO lines as specials. They recently started activities to track GPO/340B/WAC. Once it comes in, all inventory control is done outside of Lawson.

        There is only one small hospital system that I have ever encountered that does Pharmacy inventory through Lawson - this was a few years back and I don't remember who.
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          Quick Question: Are you trying to maintain a Pharmacy Inventory in Cerner? Complete with SOH & Reorder Capability? are you only trying to get costing information into Cerner for Patient Charge purposes?
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