Purchase Order Year End Close

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    Hi I am looking for the steps which can be used to close My Purchase Order Period End and Year End Clos.

    Did anyone ran a year end close.
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      PO Close is the same month end or year end. Your exact steps will depend on how your organization runs the PO199. Are you allowing unreleased PO Receipts? Are you posting the RNI?

      If you are forcing all receipts to be released and posting the RNI then your steps are:
      1. Run PO230 and find all unreleased receipts and release or delete them. Skip this step if you allow unreleased receipts.
      2. Run PO135 in update mode for the fiscal year period. Skip this step if Finance generates the accruals manually.
      3. Run PO199 for the fiscal year period.

      If you mean Procurement (PO and Inventory)

      You can close PO pretty much whenever, but Inventory should wait for AP to close and AP should not process new invoices until IC closes.

      To close IC:
      1. Run IC222 and release or delete all documents - we find it easier to go to IC25 and just keep hitting "next" and releasing what we can and then running the IC222 and deleting what's left.
      2. Run IC130 to post all transactions. Make sure the cutoff date is well out to the future to ensure there are no errors.
      3. Run IC190 to close Inventory.

      Once PO199 and IC190 have returned their period close messages, either you or Finance run IC199 to close Procurement in GL.
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