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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 9: Putting It All Together

Our focus, in this article series, is to show you how you can use Design Studio to make business processes simpler and easier-to-perform. In a previous article (see http://www.danalytics.com/guru/letter/archive/2007-11.htm) we focused on using Design Studio’s Page Designer to render a simple list of vendors and display their open invoices. Taking this concept even further--by combining Portal Page Designer, a Portal Page Data Query (DME) object and a form object (a “formlet”) customized using Form Designer--this article demonstrates the delivery of a comprehensive solution to a real business problem. I’m extremely grateful to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for letting me share this story with you.  Read More..

Ragu Raghavanreplied to: RE: results from AGS call

Yes, the new AGS syntax works consistently with IE11, Edge. Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Bear in mind that if the nodeValue is null, the script just f...

1 day ago

ShawnVreplied to: RE: results from AGS call

Sorry - I re-read the original post and found that RaguRagu had already found a solution for the sAGSInfor.selectSingleNode("//MsgNbr".text; ...

1 day ago

JonAreplied to: RE: Another PO25 question

I believe Lawson will always pull the lower contract cost if an item is on multiple contracts and all other things being equal. So in your scenario, ...

1 day ago

JonAreplied to: RE: RQ04.1 (REQUESTER) Add-Ins for Accounting Unit

Personally, I've not run into the issue Kat was speaking of.  Below is my mapping and I can delete multiple accounting units with out errors. I don't...

1 day ago

John Henleyreplied to: RE: results from AGS call

I have found that Chrome returns the columns as a huge array. So my solution is to increment a column index by the number of columns in the returned r...

2 days ago

ggouldreplied to: RE: RQ04.1 (REQUESTER) Add-Ins for Accounting Unit

Resurrecting an old post. Was anyone able to resolve this? I'm trying to delete a few hundred Account Units from RQ04. I'm using the hidden Positio...

2 days ago

David Williamsreplied to: RE: Integration between Lawson and Infor EAM

If this is still a question, I implemented several integrations between Lawson and EAM, both incoming and outgoing about 2 years ago. I used IPA and b...

2 days ago

NeedLawsonHelpcreated the topic: print comments with accounts receivable reports

print comments with accounts receivable reports

2 days ago

Vikrantcreated the topic: Infor GHR- Hire a resource

Hide a field (Provisioning) in Hire a resources form

2 days ago

JonAreplied to: RE: PO Comments and Fax Integrator

1. Yes, absolutely. You have to build the directories in the lsf/law/prod10/fax(email)/out/ directory and on the fax integrator. However you don't nee...

3 days ago

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