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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 7: It Takes a Wizard

This installment of our article series on Lawson Design Studio focuses on the Wizard Designer component. Wizard Designer is definitely the least-used component of Lawson Design Studio; I can honestly say that I haven't met many clients who have actually used it!  Read More..

Sherireplied to: RE: User Productivity Reports?

You could use Addins, WHS table for WH32 fills.

1 hour ago

Kat Vreplied to: RE: User Productivity Reports?

PO58 will give you receipts per user. I'm not sure where to look for Warehouse.

1 hour ago

Jessireplied to: RE: Check For File modified date

How would you parse out the results?

4 hours ago

Dencreated the topic: User Productivity Reports?

Is there anything in Lawson that will capture a list of a users' activities for the day?  Can I ask Lawson to pull a report of person X's PO30 re...

2 days ago

AlanKreplied to: RE: Windows Server 2008 upgrade

Hi All, Any update on this? We are also considering a Windows 2008 R2 in place upgrade to Windows 2012 R2 while keeping the same version of Landma...

3 days ago

Chrisreplied to: RE: Charity Donations by employees and Lawson

Also interested in this! Does any one know of a module in LTM? Or would it all be config consol?

3 days ago

John Henleyreplied to: RE: Check For File modified date

I think you have to use the System Command node with 'dir /t:W' (if you're on Windows) or 'ls -l' (on Unix) and then parse the output.

3 days ago

Jessicreated the topic: Check For File modified date

I need to access a file in IPA and check for it's last modified date. Based on the modified date I'd perform different options. What's the best way to...

3 days ago

John Henleyreplied to: RE: Huge error-rpt files created when report errors

I would assume 1) you have a ton of AP data, and 2) the users are running AP270 with pretty broad parameters. If that is the case, that's just the way...

3 days ago

Kert490replied to: RE: Huge error-rpt files created when report errors

The last two times the report created huge error files it was running the ap270. It was from 2 different users.

3 days ago

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